Hog Roast Brixham

BrixhamSo what’s the attraction of working as a hog roast caterer in Brixham? As hog roast caterers here in Brixham, we find that there’s a nice balance of a picturesque yet lively location coupled with an appreciative customer base which all serves to make Brixham a lovely place to live and work. What helps of course is the fact that we serve what we and indeed our many customers here in Brixham know to be an excellent product. What it is essentially is a combination of the finest meats and other ingredients lovingly prepared, cooked and served by our expert staff using the time honoured method of spit roasting to bring out the very best of the delicious meat we use. Little wonder then that when it comes to hog roast, Brixham people know to come to us as their natural choice.

Brixham is quite a small community with about 17,000 inhabitants. It’s essentially a fishing port and trawlers are still very much active, operating from the dock here. It’s Brixham’s location that makes it special though and makes it a great place to cater for local people forsurreywith fine hog roast. The town is nicely situated on the southern end of Torbay and so it’s a real draw for tourists. Inland, Brixham’s surrounded by some fantastic countryside and the harbour features a replica of Francis Drake’s ship, Golden Hind. All of this means that the town gets a fair few tourists throughout the year. What that means is that there’s plenty of opportunity for lots of people to be able to sample the delights of our fine hog roast catering service here in Brixham. For us as experts in hog roast Brixham is a great place to work.

We are very lucky here in Brixham in that there’s something going on in and around the area all year round. When it comes to organised events, it’s certainly hard to beat the town’s annual Cowtown Carnival every summer which has everything you’d expect from a carnival. Likewise the Hap’nin which takes place every year in St Mary’s Park consists of a 2 day festival featuring stage acts, street entertainment, food, drink and something for all the family. Whatever the occasion or event we are able to make it really special and little wonder therefore that when it comes to hog roast Brixham folk have really come to know and love us. There’s certainly a heavily element of spectacle when it comes to presenting a hog roast and here in Brixham people have come to appreciate this to such an extent that they very often want to have a go at it themselves. What this means therefore is that our hog roast hire Brixham service has really taken off. What people seem to like most about it is being able to cook and then present delicious hog roast to their guests themselves and to be genuinely able to take the credit for such a great spectacle. This of course is perfectly understandable and we’re certainly happy to facilitate it. What we supply is all the latest spit roasting kit and what we pass on is a little bit of know- how so that our customers here in Brixham can take the controls themselves when it comes to saladscooking and then dishing out the delicious results of their work. We can supply the meat if our customers want – it’s entirely up to them (although we have to say that we’re proud of our close links with some of the best food producers in the area) and we can even do special deals for those of our customers who want to arrange longer term hire. Little wonder then that for hog roast hire Brixham people regard us a their natural choice.

If it’s the full catering experience our customers here in Brixham want though, then that’s one thing we’re more than happy to provide them with.We are very lucky indeed to have a dedicated staff of chefs, waiting staff and customer service advisors who are here to meet our customers’ every need. When it comes to weddings here in Brixham, our customers find that fortunately they are spoiled for choice so far as locations are concerned. Wherever they choose, we liaise with them to work out an ideal menu for their guests, no matter what the size of the party or the budget. For an impressive spectacle and tasty feast, our customers here in Brixham have come to learn that they can count on us to deliver the goods.