Hog Roast Paignton

PaigntonHog roast Paignton understand that you would like your event to run smoothly we are known for our first class service and attention to detail. A hog roast can be the traditional pork or any meat you choose including zebra meat if you so wish. The hog roast machine replaced the medieval spit roast but works on the same principle as the meat cooks in its own juices keeping it tender. There is the simple hog on a roll with accompaniments to the spectacular 4 course sit down buffet. This can include canapés and starters and pre dinner drinks. For our guests that enjoy their food more spicy how about an Indian or Chinese starter and for our vegetarian guests how about a vegetable curry.

Fish lovers may prefer a salmon dish this is served with a salad or potatoes and vegetables. For some menus you can have a choice of two mains and how about a mouth watering dessert apple pie and custard or cheesecake. We cater for larger or smaller dessert 3parties or events as we have a larger and smaller hog roast machine. We also do individual menus especially for you to find out more contact us through the website or give us a call. We can make an appointment and discuss it over a coffee. Cherie will briefly talk about her hog roast I had beef and it was delicious all tender and juicy I chose to have rice. Hog roast Paignton did a marvelous red wine sauce and I had sticky toffee pudding as my dessert it was lovely. I chose them because of their reputation and I had also been to one of their hog roasts before the meat tasted as good as it looked. The chef and waiting on staff were so friendly they provided everything and cleared up at the end so I had nothing to worry about. It was my fiftieth and my guests all remarked how delicious everything was and may book one of their own.

Hi I am Siria I chose to do my own hog roast hog roast hire Paignton delivered the smaller machine as it was a private party. The hog roast machine was CE marked that meant it had been regularly tested and met health and safety standards. Hog roast hire Paignton set it up and showed me what to do I picked it up in minutes. I chose lamb as I don’t eat beef served with jacket potato wedges and vegetables and a spicy sauce that the guests could pour over the meat. I only had to check it every now and again and had plenty of time to mingle and enjoy my party. The meat was succulent due to the cooking process and Ste one of my friends has booked his own hog roast. Another advantage to a hog roast machine it can also be used to cook vegetables and as a barbecue they also collect it when the event is over. We had it outside a pub and with Paignton having a milder climate this helped so it is not as cold. My mother Rani joined in when we danced to Bounce mixed by Calvin Harris she really likes that record and showed my friends a move or too. Well I am off on a boat trip now Bye.

Now for the kids a trip to Offocombe Farm it has a education centre; shop, nature trails and a café. As a kid I loved the Penny Falls so how about a look around the pier where dogs are welcome and a visit to Paignton Zoo. The zoo contains everything from gorillas to rare creatures such as the bongo, shops and play areas.

Adults may prefer the Temple health and beauty centre spa and gym. For foodies try one of the many cafes or restaurants such as the Shoreline for British food. The Hole in the Wall a real ale pub supposedly dating back to the 1500s. It is a traditional pub and serves a mixture of seafood and traditional pub fayre. The food ranges from English to Indian so there is something for everyone. So pay us a visit and spend a couple of days in Paignton after your event have a look around we will do our best to make your hog roast special event.