Q. How long will the hog roast take to cook?

This mainly depends on the size of the beast but it can also depend on the location and weather. An average-sized hog is around 50 kilos, which takes several hours to cook from scratch. We can often spend between 3.5 and 8 hours roasting one to perfection, depending on the weight. We tend to say that for every 10 kilos, you need an hour’s cooking time but if it’s a windy or cold Cornwall day and we’re cooking outdoors, it can take longer to cook.

Q. I can’t find any prices on the menus, how much does a hog roast cost?

The cost of a hog roast is dependant on several things, and that’s the size of the pig needed, the number of ingredients we are supplying and the day and/or date you’re holding your event or party. Before we cater your event, we will, of course, give you a particular price, so get in touch and let us know your needs and we can give you a quote.

Q. Am I able to change things on the set menu options?

While we have many menus available, we know that variety is key, so we encourage our customers to create their own bespoke menu if required. However, if you want to adapt one of our menus slightly to suit your needs, we will always endeavour to help you with that too.

Q. What happens if it rains on the day of my event? 

Fear not our Cornwall weather! It’s possible for you to hire a marquee for your event or party, which takes care of you and your guests staying dry. We can also cook the hog under our gazebo outside as usual and then once done, move the food inside the venue to be served. Alternatively. we may even be able to cook inside, as long as you have a big enough space that’s well-ventilated.

Q. How many guests will a pig feed? 

A hog weighing about 50 kilos will provide enough meat to feed around 120 guests on disposable plates or around 100 guests on real plates, where it’s accompanied by salad or vegetables and potatoes. It will also give us enough meat to make between 160 and 200 hog roast rolls, depending on the size of the bread rolls. If your Cornwall event is a smaller affair, one of our 35kg hogs is ideal for anything between 10 and 50 guests, and we can even feed hundreds of people using one of our commercial machines and a much bigger pig instead.

Q. Do you only offer pork? 

While our brand is synonymous with hog roasts, we also offer other spit-roasted meats such as chicken, turkey, lamb or sirloin of beef, or if you’re more adventurous we can always cook you a different kind of animal or bird. Additionally, we have tons of other food options including multi-course meals, posh nosh and options for guests with dietary requirements. And if we don’t have it on our menus, you are welcome to ask and we will do our utmost to help you with this.

Q. I am only having a small party with 20 guests, can I still have a hog roast?

Absolutely! We offer the same delicious food and professional service no matter the number of guests or size of your Cornwall party. We’ve catered hundreds of people one day and then a handful of guests the next, so please don’t think you aren’t able to enjoy a hog roast if you’re having an intimate affair.

Q. I have some vegetarians attending the event, do I need to provide something for them myself?

We happily cater for any alternative dietary requirements and that includes vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free guests. We offer plenty of homemade options and will help you to make those guests feel just as comfortable and well-fed as everyone else.

Q. I live outside of Cornwall, will you still be able to cater for my event?

You may be surprised to know that we actually cover much of the UK itself, not just Cornwall. If you live outside of Cornwall, or perhaps somewhere remote and you think you may not be able to take advantage of our services, get in touch with us by phone or email, as with enough notice, we can ensure that we can cater your event, too.

Q. I don’t want a caterer because I want to cook the pig myself, can I do that?

You sure can and we include equipment drop-off and collection as part of the service, too. Whether you’re a professional caterer needing a hog roast machine at a hotel venue, for example, or a domestic chef wanting to cook in your own back garden, we will bring along the equipment (and the meat itself if needed, too) and walk you through the process. We make sure that you’re happy using our hog roast machine before leaving you to it but it’s actually much easier than you might think.