Hog Roast Falmouth

FalmouthCooking the perfect meal for one person is a difficult job, never mind having to cook for tens of people, hundreds of people, sometimes thousands of people! Fortunately when the time comes there are professionals who can cater at your event, saving you the hassle and potential for embarrassment that comes with trying to do the food yourself, Spitting Pig  is one such caterer. We consider ourselves to be in a league of our own when it comes to event catering experiences, and for a hog roast Falmouth there is no rival to our magnificent services.

Spitting Pig is known well in the catering scene for our innovative approach to fresh, event food. We’re credited by many for giving a new lease of life to hog roasting, revitalising a hog roast Falmouth by injecting a modern twist to traditional hog roast services.  Don’t worry, we’ve done nothing to the hog roasts Spitting Pig Cateringthemselves, they’re the same as they’ve always been. But what we have done is create a catering service that does more than just a hog roast; with Spitting Pig what you’re booking is a grand hog roast, supported by the more familiar event foods you’ll find from a first class caterer. Starters, soups, desserts, canapés and salads are found in abundance in many of the Spitting Pig Isle of Man menus.

But we still know that the biggest reason we’re chosen above the other catering options out there is because you want a hog roast Falmouth, and many of you aren’t too fussy about how you get it, or whether it comes after a soup or not! The hog roast is central to everything that we do and is what we live for, we’re one of very few catering companies in Britain to specialise in hog roasting and in Falmouth there is no alternative to Spitting Pig for a professionally made, juicy hog roast.

When I started with Spitting Pig  it was a bit of a dream for me, I’d always enjoyed a hog roast and having struggled to get one when I was in Falmouth I started toying with the idea of starting a hog roast company, having been in the catering industry all my life and having qasome success with more stereotypical party food. I knew I had the skill and understanding to run a successful catering business, but never did I imagine just how big, and how rapidly, the company would grow. It seems I underestimated everyone’s taste buds, because sure enough from the day of launching the company we’ve been expanding as a business in every way imaginable.

I know that if I had started any other type of catering company I wouldn’t have reached the dizzying heights I have with Spitting Pig, and I owe it all to the humble hog roasting. There’s nothing less stressful than putting a pig on a skewer and letting it bathe in the flames and its own juicy goodness, but that simple process has taken Spitting Pig a great distance and right now we’re every bodies favourite for a hog roast Falmouth. Even people who don’t know much about hog roasting and haven’t had it before are coming to us for help because they’ve heard how brilliant our services are.