Hog Roast Falmouth

Hog Roast FalmouthWe all want that something special for our event dining, since, after all, it is usually a one-off special occasion and so our dining needs have to meet that demand. With Hog Roast Falmouth there is little need to worry on that front: our specialist catering services more than rise to meet the occasion with style, spectacle, and superb tastes. Working to events all throughout Falmouth and Cornwall, Hog Roast Falmouth are a premium caterer with a difference.

We provide prime roast dining at entirely affordable and flexible prices, and what’s more our services give more than just a fine roast meal. Hog Roast Falmouth is a full spectacled dining experience in its own right as our traditional spit roasting methods provide a fine display of roasting splendour to go along with your perfectly cooked meal. For your weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, dinner parties, community celebrations, festivals and more Hog Roast Falmouth is going to create an exceptional experience that will be remembered fondly for years to come!

At Hog Roast Falmouth we source high quality meats and ingredients from local vendors, and then we bring that premium taste right back to you at a fair cost. Our chefs are experts in roast dining, and so, as our hog roast is prepared and slow cooked throughout the day, you can trust in their brilliance and that of our mobile spit roaster to turn out a fine roast of perfect crispy texture and tender and juicy meat bursting with flavour and quality spicing. It is brilliance all in one whole hog, and from this perfect roast we can then serve up a myriad of exceptional dishes to suit your style.

Filling Feasts In Falmouth

Hog Roast FalmouthHog Roast Falmouth are exceptional purveyors of quality service and roast dining. With a friendly team of servers, we have created a variety of perfect menu and service packages chalk full of exquisite meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free sides, salads, mains, canapés, and more. We’ll happily guide you through which dishes to pair with each other and how certain tastes can further compliment your event’s style. Plus you’ll be able to refine the specific services you desire so that your event looks and feels exactly the way you want it.

So, don’t delay today, call Hog Roast Falmouth now!