Hog Roast Ilfracombe

Hog roasting in Ilfracombe is great fun and the highlight of my day. I am very lucky that I get super job satisfaction sharing the experience with my customers. A hog roast is similar to a spit roast in medieval times the pig was turned on a spit as it cooked now this is replaced by a hog roast machine. A hog roast is eye catching with a choice of meat from pork to lamb or poultry such as free range chicken. The versatility of the machine means that it can be used to barbecue, with space to cook vegetables and it can also cook fish. All meat is locally sourced and the way that is cooked means that the meat remains tender. A basic menu is a hog on a fresh roll ideal for wedding breakfasts or corporate events.

For special events how about pre dinner drinks, canapés, Indian or Chinese starters if desired. Fish dishes such as Salmon locally sourced or vegetarian food such as a lasagne, with a range of salads or potatoes accompanied by vegetables. At Ilfracombe hog roast the potatoes are done to your taste as most hog roast caters will tell you it is your event so try to offer you what you want. Once you have been in touch we send you a quote and menus to suit your price range. We can cater for the smaller private party or larger event another advantage is that we supply everything from staff to cutlery. We also clean up afterwards you can contact us through the website or by phone we aim to reply within 24 hours. Farley would like to tell you about his hog roast I had mine for my fiftieth it was great outside one of the local pubs, I chose lamb served with potatoes and vegetables with one of their mouth watering desserts-lemon cheesecake. Everyone talked about the lamb and how good it looked Shirley my sister even took a picture of it and it was so juicy. One of my friends even booked one for his charity event and he said the tickets sold quicker just because it was a hog roast. Bye I am off to do the walk called the Tarka Trail. Ever thought of doing a hog roast your self well Jamie would like to talk to you about his. Hi I am Jamie I wanted to do my own so I went to hog roast Ilfracombe because they had a good reputation. I chose pork for my hog roast being a bit of a traditionalist and they supplied the meat as well. Hog roast hire Ilfracombe arrived with the machine they have two one for larger parties and one for smaller parties. I chose the smaller one for a party of 50 and they demonstrated it then I had a go. I took to it like a duck to water and it was a lot easier that it looked as the meat cooked in its own juices. The guests commented how succulent the pork and of course there was crackling with it. I did jacket potatoes and ordered a cake from hog roast hire Ilfracombe it was a sponge cake with a cream topping. I did a salad as well now Sue my girlfriend has started including me in the cooking now and I don‘t mind. I only needed to check the hog roast Ilfracombe occasionally there was plenty of time for me to mingle. It was smashing and yes I would do it again.

saladsHi its Sara from the hog roast company Ilfracombe is ideal for your hog roast because of the beautiful countryside and beaches. There is also plenty to do in the summer I go surfing or cycling or on a boat ride to one of the islands. For adults there is golf we sometimes  play with the other hog roasters as we all get on and sometimes to go to their parties. Hog roasters are a friendly bunch. There are six festivals to see that place in Ilfracombe including a Victorian week with a procession to see. There are eight art galleries and the food ranges from English to Mediterranean such as Relish Bistro its specialities is seafood, there is also American food and a Tapas bars or try one of our bars with over 10 to choose from.