Hog Roast Kingsbridge

KingsbridgeHog roast Kingsbridge can offer you fantastic service and a night to remember. Imagine a private party or event with a traditional hog roast cooking on the machine cooked in its own juices therefore keeping it tender it looks magnificent and it becomes a talking point as it cooks. You do not necessarily have to choose pork, what about beef, lamb or even ostrich meat or a fish dish or poultry? You could go for the basic hog on a roll or how about a four course sit down buffet for a wedding or corporate event. We can offer pre dinner drinks followed by canapés; fancy something more spicy try our Indian or Chinese starters. Hog roast Kingsbridge also caters for vegetarians so how about a quiche, lasagne or a curry. To accompany the mains how about roast potatoes with rosemary and vegetables or choose from a selection of salads. Now Joy would like a word about our desserts.

Hi I am Joy I have been to a couple of hog roasts and I would recommend them I have tried the lemon cheesecake lovely and tangy after a rich meal or how about an apple pie with IMG_6383custard. I have had so many desserts and I have never been disappointed. The hog roast is to die for, I like lamb best though. Now Sam is going to talk to you about doing your own hog roast.

Hi I am Sam I had my own hog roast last year they have two hog roast machines one for larger parties and one for smaller parties. They are all CE marked which means that they pass health and safety standards and are regularly checked. I picked the smaller one as I had 50 guests for a surprise party for my mum Freda. Hog roast hire Kingsbridge it delivered to the garden of the local pub and we set it up without her knowing. Hog roast hire Kingsbridge demonstrated it to me and I was up and away in ten minutes. I chose lamb her favourite and had it with potatoes and rice and slow roast vegetables. Between you and me it is just roast vegetables glazed with honey the rice was for mum it is her favourite. Once I had got the meat started I just had to check on it every now and then and had plenty of time to mix with the guests. I could tell by my mum’s face she was pleased as she looked a bit deflated when she thought she was just going out for a drink. Dad did what he does best talking and of course he gave her the platinum ring he had always promised it may have been thirty years late but she got it in the end. Sara showed mum how to dance like Rihanna and after a couple of drinks dad had that glint in his eye. Mum was even more surprised when dad joined in. The guests commented how attractive was the hog roast and how tender the meat was two of my friends wanted the telephone number to book theirs. The dessert was just a couple of cheesecakes I defrosted but I didn’t tell my friends that. Sue spotted the box and said nothing. Well I am off now to play cricket bye. Now I would like to talk to you about things to do in Kingsbridge we sometimes visit the Kingsbridge community garden for a bit of peace and quiet. For families you could try the Art Café you can pick your own piece of pottery paint it and collect over 3 days later and there is also hand or foot painting.

For films try the unique Reel Cinema adults can even take their beer in with them. If this is too gentle for you try sailing or if history is more your thing try the museum that recalls Kingsbridge from hundreds of years ago up until now. It was inspired by the founder of china clay William Cookworthy born in the early 1700s. For fun how about a paddleboat ride we hog roasters sometimes go and see who can peddle the fastest. So give us a call or contact us via the website I will have the coffee ready.