Hog Roast Land’s End

Lands EndOnce I began working with the hog roast hire Lands End, I didn’t think that they’d pick me for their annual hog roast bash for all of their staff, after all, I’m a Northern lad and not really from round the Cornish parts. I was honoured to say the least. As the hog roast Land’s End was going to be my most nerve-wracking job to date, I decided that I would pull out all the stops and source the finest hog I could find. I worked in Somerset a when I was younger and met a butcher there that kept his own pigs, we still keep in touch and I visit when I have the time.  I got in touch with him and enquired about the largest hog he had that I could present to the hire company as my finest work. He said he had a grand hog that would be ready in the next three days. I took some time to travel and went up for a visit, they weren’t wrong about the grand part, he was enormous! I struggled to fit him in the truck! Once I had the hog back home on the bench, I set about preparation, to do the Lands End hog roast, it needed to be kept traditional, no sickly sweet mixtures for these boys, they are all about making the meat taste as fine as possible.

I ordered some fresh sausage meat from a local butcher the week before in order to make some of the world’s finest sage and onion stuffing, I used fresh bunches of sage and white onions produced locally to ensure maximum flavours throughout.  Once I had BBQ Sausagesthe hog on the spit and the skin scored, basted and rubbed, it was time to prepare the stuffing to match, I take as much pride in my sides as I do in the hog roast Lands End itself. I even went and did some of my favourite, spicy potato wedges for the boys at work, salads and rolls as standard! The next day, I turned up to the venue that I was given by the management and there was absolutely no one there, I waited for 10 minutes before second-guessing whether or not I had actually arrived at the right place. I walked up to the place and all the staff jumped out at me! I nearly had a heart attack! Once I had settled down slightly, I fired up the machine and started the roast. It’s really nice to work for a company that treat their staff as well as the Lands End hog roast, I mean, there are very few places where you’d get this sort of a treat, I know I was still working but it’s a nice thing to be part of. As the roast was ready to serve, I began to get quite nervous about whether they’d all enjoy it, what if they hated it? There was only one was to find out, I served the boss first and thought if he doesn’t like it, that’s it, at least I’ll know!

I slowly handed him the first-carved roast pork sandwich, I opted for a cheek-carve which is the most tender part of any hog roast and passed it to him, he looked me in the eye and said,‘This had better be good, son’He didn’t say another word until he’d finished it all and had seconds of stuffing to help it go down. I take it that he really enjoyed it!  The rest of the staff said that I was the best ambassador for their machines and work and they were made up that I had catered for them, as I said before a real honour.