Hog Roast Launceston

LauncestonMy work relies on a hog roast hire Launceston events that  take all of the details for the jobs that come in. One week I might be in one  place the next, 100 miles away! I love the sporadic nature of the industry.   I recently worked in Launceston itself which was nice as it  meant I wouldn’t need a full tank in the van to get to work! It was a birthday  party near Launceston castle, an outdoor party at that. Thermals to the ready!   I received the brief from the hog roast hire Launceston and  set about securing a fine hog to roast on the night. I work with a butcher that  owns a small pig farm not far from where I live and I asked if he could arrange  for a fair-sized hog to be ready the day before so I could prepare it.

For the hog roast Launceston, I decided it would be a good  idea to use an injection mix of apple cider, brown sugar and sage to counteract  the salt in the overall taste of the hog. I do love pork and I know that many  others agree but I love the sweetness that can be achieved with a few added  extras.   One I got the hog home and on my bench, I examined toprightmy  butcher-friends fine work and began to prepare the mighty feast. Once I had the  mixture sorted so that it would blend perfectly into the meat, I began to inject  the mix into the hog whilst it was upside down, not only does this magnificent  flavour come through when the hog roasts but it also acts as a kind of marinade  for the meat prior to cooking.   The hog skin is scored perfectly and basted thoroughly with  olive oil and coarse-ground sea salt so that all the diners get a generous  portion of great-tasting crackling, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want a  piece of the greatest tasting substance known to man?   After all preparation was complete, I set the hog down on  its spit and cover the necessary parts with tin foil to avoid burning the parts  that stick out the most, the nose and ears. Once this is finished, the hog is  ready to roast.   The next day I arrived on time at the castle and saw the  masses of beer and wine being carted in for the party. I set up my stand and  machine and got ready for the best hog roast Launceston had ever seen!

breadAs the guests started to appear, I removed the foil from the  hog and continued the roast, by now, the juices in the marinade and the overall  pork taste had really married well and the guests could smell it, it was the  most fantastic aroma I think I have ever created with a hog roast.   I had good quality bread rolls ready to take the freshly  roasted pork, these were all laid out so that no one would be waiting long to  get their fill. I also had a cider-apple sauce for those who fancied something  slightly special on their sandwich.   As the hog roast in Launceston was ready to serve, the  guests lined up and began to tuck in, there was absolute silence when they  finally got into it, some of the guests even came back for third helpings!

After everyone had eaten, the birthday girl did a speech and  the fireworks went off around the castle, it looked absolutely superb! The  beers and wine began to flow quite heavily after the fireworks, which is the  way it should always be at a birthday party.   I really enjoyed catering for such a great crowd of people,  they really enjoyed their hog roast sandwiches, probably not as much as I  enjoyed making them but there you go!