Hog Roast Lizard

LooeA few weeks back, I got a call regarding a party that was  heading to Lizard and they wanted the best hog roast they could possibly find  whilst on the beach, I explained the problems we may face due to the great  British weather but they wanted to go ahead regardless.   I took a deposit and immediately made arrangements to  collect a superb hog from my friend that has his own pig farm which isn’t far  from Lizard. He told me that he had just the boy for the job and he’d have him  ready to mount on a spit in 2 days which gave me plenty of time.

Once the hog roast Lizard pig was delivered, I set about  working some magic into it, I used a few bunches of fresh sage and chilli as a  stuffing, scored the skin for ease of crackling removal and gave the entire hog  a rub down with some chilli oil and some chilli saladsflakes. They wanted it hot and  that’s what I’ll give them!   After finishing all the preparations, I started to work on  the sides; I found some great French bread that had a melt in the mouth texture  which I thought would be perfect, I also made some apple sauce to cool the  guests down a touch!   The hog roast Lizard was off to a great start, the party was  situated in Church Cove which is not far from Lizard just after St. Wynwallow  Church. The beach was empty and the sun was going down. The party arrived in 4  VW camper busses, one of which was filled exclusively with ale! It would seem  that this party would be going on for most of the night!   I set up my machine and got chatting to the guests who had  all come right down from Scotland! I couldn’t believe they’d travelled all that  way to have a beach party! Anyway, I had the hog roasting perfectly and the  delicate chilli flavours had penetrated right through the meat giving one of  the most delectable aromas known to man.

Once the roast was ready and the guests were suitably  refreshed, I began to carve and breadremove some crackling for everyone. As always,  the diners demolished their crackling first then set to work on the hog roast  sandwich, one woman said that she’d marry me if I made hog roast sandwiches for  her all day! There’s an offer I don’t get every day!   As the guests at the hog roast in Lizard became full and the  chilli sauce was soaked up, I salvaged what meat was left on the hog and began  to pack away. Once I had all my equipment sorted and packed, I presented the  remaining meat to the party goers for the hangovers and told them that this  would be the greatest bacon-sandwich alternative they’d ever had and they’d  thank me for it in the morning.

Sure enough, the next day, I received a text message that  simply read… ‘You were right, the leftovers and the crate of Irn Bru we  bought with us sorted us right out, thank you for an excellent meal, none of us  have stopped talking about it!’

It’s the little things that make the big difference to me  and my business, the hog roast in Lizard was proof of that.