Hog Roast Looe

Hog roasting is the new way to bring fantastic catering to your next event with out the fuss and stress that normal catering can often bring with it and hog roast Looe is the best caterer around in this area. We have a quality team of highly trained professional chefs that are experts in this field of cookery and once you have tried our range of delicious produce cooked to perfection on one of our top class hog roasters you will be using us again and again for any future events you may have planned. Hog roast Looe bring you a style of catering that is original and stylish yet with a solid taste of tradition as we use an old style of cooking often referred to as spit roasting or rotisserie style cooking, we bring these methods firmly up to date with first class cooking equipment with the best produce and the best staff, we will not be rivalled on food or service with a truly original way to cater for your occasion no matter what the event styling is a hog roast cooker will fit in perfectly.

The staff we use are experts in this field and really know how to get the best out of our produce and cookers combined, its a match made in heaven and it cooks many types of meat slowly, it also cooks evenly making sure any food is cooked perfectly, keeping moist and succulent, bringing the best out of most meats, a way a lot of you will not have tried, so come on give it a go you will not be disappointed by the results. We can cater for any size event with confidence as we know exactly what we can do and offer, one of our slow roasted honey pigs will feed up to one hundred guests with ease so its easier to plan large events with comfort in the knowledge that no food will go to waste and with virtually no clean up its the best way to provide excellent food with minimal hassle, if you have a smaller event chicken and lamb work perfectly so do not feel restricted to pork as like we said we have many types of produce on our menu.

The Best Hog Roast In Looe

bread and dishesChicken and lamb were mentioned both great for smaller functions and both are tried and tested with chicken being a favourite for that white meat alternative and cooked slowly makes the chicken even more moist. Lamb is another top quality meat that works well for many parties including weddings, this is one of our specialities and we have catered for many weddings in the local area, they all said it provides a lovely centrepiece for everyone to enjoy and it provides a real talking point for your guests, it makes memories for the people involved. Looe has some fantastic fish available locally being a fishing town so we have access to some of the best produce the sea has to offer, just call us with the fish you would like and we will see if we can provide it, we want to make sure your day is perfect so don’t be shy coming forward with any different requests or ideas for your event. Hog roasting is a fabulous way to cater and if you like the sound of all this and you like to cook yourself then give our top quality hire plan a go where you take one of our cookers and do the cooking yourself, a great way to celebrate a loved ones birthday or for that summer barbecue. Hog roast hire Looe have the best equipment in stock and only use top class manufacturers for our business, this is to ensure one thing quality, we use the best roasters so they can be used by even novice chefs with our roasters looking after themselves in a controlled unit, all you have to do is season, baste and serve, a really simple yet effective way to cook and the way to get the best out of your produce of choice. Hog roast hire Looe pride ourselves on our service and knowledge and our professionals will give you the right advice to guarantee top catering with the most original food you have tried a brilliant way to cater hassle free yet with stunning food, its the way forward with modernised catering and has to be tried, our team are waiting for your call now so come on give hog roast hire Looe catering a try today.