Hog Roast Mawgan

FullSizeRenderHog roast Mawgan are bringing spit roast cooking firmly back but with modern cooking styles and equipment giving you a taste of something different and a break from the standard kind of catering usually on offer, we offer you a fantastic service with amazing food sure to satisfy everyone at your next function. Hog roast cooking is an old style method of cooking not often used in catering today so it gives your event its own theme and gives people something to remember it by, how many buffets can you remember that were mind blowing? Not many right, well we give you that originality that will set your event aside from all the others.

Catering can sometimes be a nightmare, well we help simplify your day, our roasters are basically self service which helps cut down on seating arrangements and staffing, overall lowering the cost of your catering leaving you more money to spend on other parts of your function and with weddings and birthdays being the top of event listings we know how important it is to be able to afford the things loved ones really want on their special day. Hog roast Mawgan only use the best produce available and pride ourselves on only sourcing our produce from local farmers ensuring the produce we use arrives the freshest it can be, this is how all our meats arrive giving the meats and seasoning of choice a better taste and flavour than you are normally used to, our cookers guarantee even and slow cooking so our meats stay moist and juicy, we take traditional food to another with the aid of our modern roasters, we also have a hire plan if you want to give hog roast cooking a try.

Fresh Ingredients For Hog Roast Mawgan

saladsHog roast hire Mawgan have the best apparatus around and we only use the latest equipment available and we can let you hire our cookers if you have caught the cooking bug, you take a roaster and host your own function, you can even provide the produce yourself that is entirely up to you, we are here to simplify your day, do not worry about using our equipment as like we say it is state of the art and very modern yet simple making it easy to use but not skipping on the main thing which is quality food and quality catering. Hog roast hire Mawgan can offer you the advice and know how and also run a demonstration but we would advise trying out our catering firm first so you can see the cookers in action for yourself first hand, our chefs will be happy to help you with anything and like to answer questions about the equipment we use and the produce we cook upon it, every pig has is own tale to tell so to speak. The pigs we use are brilliant for larger events and functions with one feeding one hundred guests comfortably, a great way to provide top food to a large party with minimal fuss and effort on your part, the cookers look after themselves giving you freedom and time to entertain guests at your own leisure, we can also cover large events┬ásuch as charity functions, fairs, all events can benefit from its own hog roast supper. Pig is not the only meat available to us so please if you can think of a kind of meat you would like to try then just ask one of our staff or give us a call, our cookers are very versatile and can cook a whole list of produce from fish to chicken the range is plentiful with most varieties of produce cookable on our top class roasters. We mentioned chicken but that is not our only white meat alternative with turkey a popular choice around Christmas but available all year round, game is also on our menu, there isn’t much our roasters can’t handle. Fish is amazing with many contacts across the Cornwall coast and we have access to those contacts, we also use wild salmon and trout but if you have a specific fish in mind just contact one of our team and we will try and supply the fish of choice or again if you have your own contact feel free to use them. So if you are looking for that catering firm with a difference then make sure you give us a try, we will not beaten on service, originality and food, a winner for any event style and size.