Hog Roast Mullion

Hog Roast MullionNestled amid the cliffs on the rugged Cornish coastline, the charming village of Mullion has a secluded harbour and lots of historical sites of interest to enjoy in between taking in the impressive sea views. Whether you are in the area for a walking or golfing holiday or you are lucky enough to live in Mullion, if you are planning any kind of party for your family and friends or Mullion is the setting for a special occasion that you have on the horizon, the Hog Roast Mullion team are able to offer you bespoke catering packages for any occasion.

We have travelled the length or breadth of this part of the south coast in order to provide our exceptional hog roast catering services for lots of special celebrations and local events. Our robust and advanced equipment enables us to treat our diners to a traditional method of cooking meat in all manner of environments in Mullion and our innovative catering team are able to creative magnificent meals in an type of outdoor location or indoor venue.

Always The Highest Standards From Hog Roast Mullion

Hog Roast MullionHog Roast Mullion’s slow roasted pork is considered to be the best there is in the Mullion area because we have incredibly high standards when it comes to selecting our free-range meat. We apply the same exacting standards to the rest of our ingredients, which are all carefully chosen from the best local produce and used to create a broad selection of diverse dishes, which are all made on-site. From our selection of other slow roasted meats to our vegetarian and vegan dishes, and 3 course meals for more formal occasions, we only ever use the best ingredients and we make every part of our menus on the day. Our ability to do this means that you won’t have to choose between the freshness and variety of your food, or hosting your event in your perfect setting, because we are able to give you the best of both worlds.

If you would love to sample the finest example of hog roast catering in the area, or you want a sumptuous seaside spread for a special occasion, the Hog Roast Mullion team would be delighted to provide everything you need in both the food and style of service you require for your event in Mullion.