Hog Roast Newquay

Hog Roast NewquayHog roasting in Newquay is great fun and it is something I love to do. Hog roast Newquay has been one delight after another; there are so many wonderful and friendly people here it’s been great. We can provide a service with just a hog on a spit which is widely requested since its simple yet so tasty, tender pig meat chunks placed on a soft white bun with freshly made apple sauce and meaty stuffing layered on top of the succulent meat, then the soft floured bun placed on top then a slice of the lovely crispy crackling to go with it, doesn’t that sound so delicious? Most of Newquay seems to agree since this is the most ordered menu and is always in high demand. For weddings the most frequent menu is the menu with light and delightful Canapés being served as the guests arrive the spit roasted pig with apple sauce sometimes another spitted meat to accompany the hog roast Newquay either; Lamb, Beef, Chickens or Turkeys, then heavenly puddings which melt in your mouth. This makes the wedding extra special.

The Best Hog Roast In Newquay

Hog Roast NewquayHog roast Newquay knows some events catering can make or break that special occasion feeling and with a hog roast from us we can definitely wow your guests and make them adore you because of the food that you have requested for your event. So when thinking of someone to cater for your special occasion, look no further than hog roast Newquay book sooner rather than later we’re in high demand so e-mail or phone to make your booking.