Hog Roast Polzeath

polzeathFor Hog Roast Polzeath, I decided to employ my Titan hog roasting machine which I’d purchased from The Spitting Pig Company as my initial machine some years back when I first went full-time into the catering trade.  The Titan, like the other machines available through The Spitting Pig Company, is a hard-working, hard-wearing machine that also looks attractive.  It’s particularly good to use at beach side events because of its rust-proof stainless steel siding and hearty, pneumatic tyres which makes it easy to place anywhere one needs to be — in this case, on grassy area above a sandy beach.

I purchased a large amount of delicious hand-made sausages from a local Cornish BBQ Sausagesbutcher in a variety of flavours such as pork and apple, pork and chestnut, venison, and a few others.  Just to be on the safe side, I also purchased a number of whole free-range chickens which I was able to easily spit-roast.  Because these meats cook up pretty quickly, I didn’t need to arrive several hours prior to the event beginning.  I also brought along only my one assistant and didn’t need, this time, to contact The Spitting Pig Company for help through their hog roast hire Polzeath packages.  These packages are an invaluable service to me should I be catering a large or a formal event.  I can rely on The Spitting Pig to present not just well-trained professionally-presented staff on the day, but a variety of lovely, organic, fresh menu items such as canapés, salads, and even entrees.  I have worked with them a number of times and find that the best of what they offer with their hog roast hire Polzeath services is flexibility and affordability. This time, it was a much easier job for me and my assistant.  We set up under a marquee to protect us and the foodstuffs from any blowing sand or rain, should that occur, though it was not forecast.  I set up a table with a variety of beautifully fresh baked rolls from the local Polzeath baker and I also ensured there was plenty of sauces and condiments to compliment any sandwich.

I am always in awe of the physical strength it takes to surf and in every surfing crowd there’s always someone who has been around the surfing circuit for years.  This always gives me hope that physical fitness can be achieved well into middle age (or beyond!).  The upper body strength of some of these surfers is amazing.  Strong legs are also qaneeded and to see them take to the waves like it’s no big deal is awesome.  I’m not really sure about the scoring part of the day’s event because I wasn’t down on the beach with the judges, but as far as entertainment value just from watching, it had it all.   Hog Roast Polzeath turned out to be more like a sausage roast, but it was still a great success.  Sausage or chicken sandwiches are a long-standing favourite among folks and there is also a great deal of interest in the cooking process as, in a way, it’s high-quality BBQing which is generally fun and easy.  I enjoyed meeting the friendly folk of Polzeath and I also enjoyed giving them hints and tips on how to have the perfect BBQ