Hog Roast Redruth

RedruthRedruth is known for their weekly market, and their local butcher is a friend of mine from way back.  So it was with great pleasure that I agreed to attend Hog Roast Redruth, being held during one of their lovely market days.  I also arranged with my butcher friend to not only cook his pork products on my Titan hog roasting machine, but to join him under his marquee that held a table laid with his packaged meats for sale.  This clearly, would be a venture that would help both our businesses. I decided to cook racks of pork ribs, some kielbasa (a tasty sausage), and some whole chickens on the spit during Hog Roast Redruth.  I supplied, as well, the usual array of fresh, locally baked rolls and my own homemade apple sauce, along with a variety of condiments.  The Titan is a marvellous machine that can easily accommodate the cooking of various types of meat on the spit or, as I would normally do, a full hog up to 85kgs.  The machine is of such a design that it’s not only attractive, but durable in all its shiny stainless steel.  I purchased this machine a few years back from The Spitting Pig Company.  It is easily manoeuvrable and it’s very easy to clean up after use as well.  It is an essential part of my business.

And so, too, is The Spitting Pig.  They also offer hog roast hire Redruth services for anyone interested in holding an event of their own that includes a spit roast.  They can accommodate every need.  I turn to The Spitting Pig when I am looking to cater a large event and need to produce more than just a pork Spitting Pig Cateringsandwich.  They can come in with serving staff and a variety of delicious canapés, salads and entrees for formal or casual affairs.  I find them exceedingly flexible, professional, and affordable in all that they do.  Their hog roast hire Redruth packages provide a quality experience. This market day, though, was set up mainly to showcase the butcher’s free-range and organic local meats.  I used various oil-based rubs, different for each meat, but perfect in their simplicity.  To my mind, you never want to over-flavour your meat because you want to be able to taste the truth of the food.  The meats were not going to take too long, but did require my attention as they all had different cooking and turning times.   We were able to provide a smorgasbord of plates overflowing with delicious, hot, moist meats for folk to sample or to turn into lovely sandwiches.  As you can imagine, qathere were a lot of comments and queries and I was able, therefore, to give some attention to the customers that day, a part of the business that I truly love.   While my friend talked about his product, I was able to talk about the cooking process and the machine that I was using.  I am intrigued by the fact that no matter where I set my stall in this country, I am met with an unabiding interest in the idea of roasting meats the way I do.  It’s almost a reconnection to one’s roots. It’s a natural way of cooking and perhaps it brings out the caveman in each of us.  I just know I appreciate meeting people from all walks of life and sharing my knowledge and love of cooking high-quality foods.  This hog roast was another success for me and it proves the popularity of spit-roasting meats.