Hog Roast Rock

Hog Roast RockWith its golden sandy beaches and sparking blue water, it is hardly surprising that the Cornish coastal village of Rock has been referred to as  ‘ Britain’s St Tropez.’ Whether you are fortunate enough to live in the Rock area or you are here on holiday, it is the perfect place for hosting an event or party for your friends and family so you can enjoy the wonderful views and the sea breeze in your hair with your nearest and dearest to celebrate a special occasion.

When you have such a wonderful place as the location for your event, you want to enjoy it with your guests as much as possible, and the last thing you need is to be worrying about the food all night. Getting help from professional caterers doesn’t have to be as costly as you think, and finding a catering company who can  provide freshly made food in any outdoor location isn’t impossible either – if you choose the Hog Roast Rock team to cater for your event that is!

Unbeatable Outdoor Event Catering For Any Occasion in Roast Rock

Hog Roast RockWe are the leading hog roast caterers in this part of Cornwall and we have the experience and local knowledge to be able to provide top-quality food in any outdoor setting in Rock and the wider area. Hog Roast Rock are completely self-sufficient in the way we operate and our versatile catering equipment can be set up and used just about anywhere. We don’t require any on-site facilities at all in order to prepare any of our menu items, leaving you free to pick an outdoor venue that is your dream location for your event.

In addition to providing our specialist artisan hog roasts, we are able to prepare an abundance of other dishes too and offer menus that vary in style to suit all occasions. We can supply different meats, vegetarian and vegan options, fine dining menus, themed menus, party platters to please all the family and more. We will advise you on the type of men that is the most suitable for your event, your budget and the needs of your guests, and we will make every part of it from scratch at your venue in Rock.

Hog Roast Rock have the creativity and expertise to provide bespoke hog roast dining experiences and freshly made food for any outdoor event in Rock.