Hog Roast Rock

rockI was asked to host Hog Roast Rock at their local Sailing Club’s summer event. I was quite pleased to be asked because any time spent in Cornwall is quite pleasurable. Firstly, I contacted The Spitting Pig Company with whom I do a great deal of business with.  They offer a hog roast hire Rock service that is second to none.  I inform them what the plan is, and they unerringly come through with a beautiful, affordable package of services that tie every loose end together.  This event was to take place indoors at the Club itself, and so I endeavoured to set up my Titan hog roaster outside within of a marquee to shield me from an inclement weather that might occur.  The Spitting Pig sent along a couple of serving staff members, always kitted out professionally in black and white.  They also assisted by arranging for a delicious choice of canapés and salads to be served, along with side dishes to accompany the meat. I purchased a 50kg hog from a local butcher and got the roasting underway early that morning.  It can take anywhere from six to eight hours to roast a beast, depending upon the size; and the job starts each time with the scoring of the meat and the application of an oil-based rub with herbs and spices.  My assistant helped me to get the beast on the spit, and we got the Titan fired up for work.  The Spitting Pig Company, again, as part of their hog roast hire Rock services, brought in tables for breadserving, and even assisted the Club’s staff in setting up their tables inside.  The cutlery, plates, and flower arrangements were also part of the hog roast hire Rock service and in no time, the tables looked very lovely indeed.

This time, all I needed do was concern myself with the roasting and carving, and so I was looking forward to an easy day spent in a lovely area of the Cornish coast.  At these events I do spend a bit of time talking to people about the cooking of the meats, the process and the machines.  The Titan is one of two machines that I own, purchased from The Spitting Pig Company when I first decided to go into the business of hog roast catering.  It’s hard-working and durable as well as being attractive.  It has air-filled tyres which allow it to be taken over any terrain, including grass or sand.  It features a spit for roasting, of course, as well as an internal oven for roasting other meats or even vegetables.  Cleaning up the machine after use is easy as well. Once the meat is ready for serving, I take great care with the carving, ensuring that none of the gristle and very little of the fat is served with the slices.  Everyone loves a bit of crackling, so I always make sure I sheer that off and serve it alongside.  The spit-roasted meat is always done to perfection and remains moist every time.  The serving staff create the plates of food for each individual along the buffet line and I’m always pleased to see how quickly the line moves.

Hog Roast Rock seemed to be enjoyed by everyone.  I certainly received a lot of compliments for the meat!  The Spitting Pig staff take care to clean the area thoroughly, and in no time tables were put away, dirty plates and cutlery removed, and I was able to pack up my Titan and go home for a well-earned rest.