Hog Roast St Merryn

st_merrynCatering around St Merryn is fun and we get to meet a lot of interesting people. We are hog roast caterers. We offer hog roast St Merryn, an outstanding catering service, and also hog roast hire St Merryn,  a hog roast machine hiring service. With hog roast St Merryn, you can be sure of great customer service, a delicious roast with crackling, and balloons, bread rolls, condiments and serviettes as standard. With hog roast hire St Merryn, we provide reliable portable hog roast machines for those with more of a hands on approach. The catering business is often very varied, and probably more so with hog roast catering, which is sort of like events catering. Me and my team have catered for everything from corporate events to birthdays, and from new baby celebrations to retirement parties. I’ve done a lot of weddings, civil ceremonies and engagements. And also lots of miscellaneous events. With hog roast hire St Merryn, we seem to get more varied events.

Today we catered for a corporate event in a local hotel. There are lots of hotels here compared to other villages, because of tourism. Anyway, we soon had the decorations up, and collaborated with the company’s Events Manager on the set up of the tables. Then my bread and dishesteam member Sam brought in the hog roast machine out of the van and we lifted the heavy roast into it. It began to turn, all red and glistening with applesauce.  The guests began to arrive and I was filling glasses. Then someone made a speech, I carved the roast and dinner was served. The guests were obviously enjoying the roast. We have our own recipe, and people do find our roasts better tasting than anyone else’s. Our roasts never have bones in them. The event went off smoothly and afterwards we tidied up.

A couple of hours later, we had to deliver a hog roast machine to a community centre where a happy couple was celebrating the birth of a baby boy. We wheeled the machine in, plugged it in and checked it was working (as we always do here at hog roast St Merryn) and I got chatting to the couple. Dad was holding the baby, who looked older than most babies are when their parents have these parties. They had a hog roast lying wrapped on the table to we helped them put it in the machine. It didn’t smell as good as one of our roasts, but I knew it would still taste good. I found at that the mum was a software developer while dad sold insurance. They explained that this party was really special for them because their son had been born with a hole in his heart and they had thought they were going to lose him. He’d had to have two operations and they didn’t get to even take him home from the hospital until weeks later. It was a touching story. I’d have liked to stay and chat, but there was another hog roast machine in the van with our next client’s name on it.

We drove to a leisure facility. The centre hires out rooms for events, and here a young couple was celevrating their engagement. Like I said, I’ve hired and catered plenty of FullSizeRenderengagement parties, but no two are ever the same. This couple met while travelling in India; the groom to be was from St Merryn and the bride to be was from Brazil. Their friends and family were already there (though the bride’s family wasn’t there as they were in Brazil). I plugged in the machine and turned it on. I thought the two of them seemed made for each other. Being a hog roast St Merryn caterer is always interesting.

St Merryn is a large village, situated in beautiful countryside. The village lies near a millstream and the coastline of the Atlantic ocean. The Seven Bays region attracts a lot of tourism, as does the town itself.  Tourism and farming are the main industries around St Merryn, though past industries include fishing, smuggling and tin mining. St Merryn has a thriving culture, with events such as a carnival, the Great Atlantic Raft Race and St Merryn Vintage Steam Rally; the Community Hall also hosts auctions and other events. St Merryn was named after a saint, but which saint (whether it was Merryn son of Brychan, or Mauran, or Marina, or Merryn the priest) is unclear and will probably never be known for sure.