Hog Roast St Merryn

hog roast St MerrynFor fine meat catering around St Merryn and Cornwall look no further than Hog Roast St Merryn for all your event needs. At Hog Roast St Merryn we have curated a perfect dining experience of traditionally made premium roasts uncontested anywhere else on the market. It is an utterly unique food experience not offered anywhere else in catering – and certainly not at such low and affordable prices as this! This exceptional dining experience is the topper to any event, so whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, a private party either indoors or outdoors, Hog Roast St Merryn are your first port of call today.

Our speciality is, as you might have guessed, hog roasting and rotisserie cooking. With our very own mobile spit roaster we have married traditionality with modern magnificence to make hog roasting no longer the daunting dish that it once may have seemed. Now you too can recreate the traditional spectacle and style of proper hog roast cooking with ease and efficiency. Once on our very own designed Hogmaster roaster your pork or other roast chars throughout the day to an almighty level of taste and texture.

It looks magnificent at work and also makes for a far better finished result than you’ll get in your oven. The spit roast takes a tad more time and effort than your average roasting method, but its results really do speak for themselves. Make it yours today with just a call to Hog Roast St Merryn now!

Show Stopping Sides, Salads, And More In St Merryn

Hog Roast St MerrynAt Hog Roast St Merryn we bring bespoke service just for you. Accompanying the speciality hog roast you’ll find many other meat dishes as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free mains, sides, salads, canapés and more! With buffet and set menu dining available you truly are spoiled for choice at Hog Roast St Merryn, but fortunately we’ve made life easier with our team’s expert recommendations designed to give you a perfectly refined taste experience fitting to your needs and budget. It’s your event, so get the foods and services you want!

Make it an event worth savouring today; make it a Hog Roast St Merryn event by calling now.