Hog Roast Carclaze April is here already

April is here already just in time for our hog roast in Carclaze and isn’t time just flying by? Hard to believe we are in month four already as since Christmas it has just felt like winter non stop. But it is nice to finally see the sun shine and to be honest I am frightened of speaking too soon! We were in our hone town at the weekend and it was nice not to be travelling too far, we were catering for a sweet 16th birthday party for a beautiful young lady. The girl wanted something different and had been scanning the Internet looking for something with that little bit extra and something to wow her guests and she came across us and her parents rang and within an hour everything was booked. We arrived at the venue which was the main hall at the local church which looked splendid as it had just recently been refurbished the girl had a disc jokey coming for her disco and we were looking forward to having our ear drums cleaned out! The girl insisted on the pig as she wanted to impress and she did that the youngsters were lining up to get their photograph taken with the pig to upload on their local network site we couldn’t help but giggle! When the pig was cooked we began to carve and the youngsters were fascinated we placed the meat onto the tables and the guests popped the meat into the crispy fluffy buns and added spoons of apple sauce, we also made some pork wraps using the pork, lettuce, tomatoes and wrapping them in the lovely soft torteo and smothered in garlic sauce. Hog roast Carclaze food filled the tables with salad and coleslaw and teenagers do have huge appetites we learned! Soon the music was blasting and the teens were dancing and we did hear quite a few of them say that it was the best party they had ever been to, ah we were so pleased to hear that it really made our day! The youngsters were such fun and we had a great time especially our chef we had to prise him off the dance floor, I don’t know we cannot take him anywhere!