Hog Roast Delabole – Getting Face To Face Time With Customers At Wedding Fairs

Hog Roast DelaboleSince February is the month of love, we at Hog Roast Delabole have spent a lot of time out and about across the country at various wedding fairs. The wedding season tends to kick-off right about now, so right about now is when a lot of wedding venues and planners will host their wedding fairs. These are exceptional events that we would encourage just about anyone to go to, even if you aren’t planning a wedding anytime soon, as they allow guests to peruse a huge variety of service vendors.

Vendors from the wedding and service industries come from all over to attend these fairs and show off the best of their services to hundreds of attending guests. If you are in the midst of wedding planning, then it is an excellent way to knock out a bunch of your checklist items all at once, and see what is out their on the market. Unlike searching online, you can be confident that the vendors you speak to are coming with a pre-recommendation from the hosts of the fair. If the fair is being ran by a wedding venue, for example, then the venue will be inviting vendors that they already have confidence in, as any that end up booked in for future events become a reflection of the quality of their venue too.

Hog Roast DelaboleAt Hog Roast Delabole, we have loved being out on the road at these events this month. It’s great to do something a bit different and just get some good old face to face time with a lot of folk interested in our services. We love talking about our foods, and it’s even more fun to get to see people’s faces light up when they take a first bite out of our freshly made hog roast samples. We even got to speak with some customers that already have us booked in for their wedding, so it was nice to put a face to a name before we serve their special day!

Why not come out and see a Hog Roast Delabole team at a fair near you too!