Hog Roast St Agnes Was Hired To Handle A Valentine’s Disco

February might be the shortest month on the calendar, but we’re not letting that stop us from making this month as memorable as possible for our fellow Cornwall residents!

Hog Roast St AgnesHelping locals celebrate their all-important events this month, Hog Roast St Agnes’s team of culinary connoisseurs have been working tirelessly to deliver fresh, mouth-watering meals to our customers and clients across the region. And this past week has been especially busy for us due to all of the Valentine’s Day celebrations we were asked to cater for!

One particular event that stands out in our memory is the Valentine’s disco we were hired to provide catering for on behalf of one of the nearby high schools. The PTA had been tasked with organising this entire event, but the kids were welcome to add their own input and take part in making decorations for the night, which formed a solid sense of togetherness before the party even kicked off.

But whilst decorations are important for setting the right scene, it’s the food that really makes an event special. So, with hundreds of students to feed and varying dietary requirements to consider, one of the client’s main concerns had been finding a suitable menu for the evening, which led them to Hog Roast St Agnes.

Hog Roast St AgnesRight away, our catering manager, Paul, did a fantastic job of easing the client’s mind by asking all the right questions and offering a menu plan that worked for everyone. The menu in question was our Southern Slow Roast, which provides an epic feast of Deep South-inspired dishes that are delicious enough to entice any palate.

Paul and the Hog Roast St Agnes team used the hours before the disco started to prepare this wholesome buffet of Texan 24-hour beef brisket, Louisiana sticky pork ribs, Cajun-spiced whole roast chicken, BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls and side options, which consisted of: Memphis style crunchy coleslaw, fresh salad, mixed fries and mac and cheese. We also served a buffet of soft drinks and prepared a grazing table of sweet snacks for the students to tuck into.

The client couldn’t have asked for better results. The food was beautifully presented, great-tasting and inclusive to all diets, which meant there was something for everyone.