Hog Roast hire in St Ives

September seemed to be the month of the party and hog roast hire St Ives. Plenty of parties I made a hog roast for, even found myself helping with machine hire for St Ives. The party job I was the chef for on Friday was one of those that sticks with you, the guests were an awesome bunch and the event took on the same quality, the spit roast pig and sirloin of beef that I cooked didn’t hurt. What stuck out for me was I was almost made to feel like one of the party guests, by the time the Spitting Pig food was ate I was on a first name basis with half the guests even the most were too drunk to remember mine! We took a quaint, quiet venue and after spit roasting the pig we’d turned it into an absolute food paradise. Left, right and centre, everywhere you looked were guests brought together by their Spitting Pig hog roast, nobody was without and I don’t think anybody there would have traded in their spit pig roll for anything else, even if Heston Blumenthal himself was at the other side of the room waving plates of food around, the guests were all well and truly fixated on their hog roasts, you can always tell as what was inaudable, loud, constant noise suddenly went down a few volume levels as it always does when we start serving, far less talking on account of everybody is eating their hog roast St Ives. The month was also a good ‘un for Spitting Pigs St Ives machine hire, I know because on days when they were no hog roast events to cater I tagged along with our machine delivery man Darren to make myself useful and show how the machines work for clients on delivery. Most of it was driving as you would predict but I took a lot of out it. Not exactly what I’m used to but really good to meet and greet some hire clients, imparting them with some hog roast chef secrets we use so they get full best use from the machines.