Hog Roast for Bingo on the Beach!

With the hot weather seemingly going on forever, people want to eat, drink and be merry outside in the sunshine, rather than being cooped up in a stuffy pub or restaurant. Whilst this has been great news for publican Ruby’s seaside beer garden, it has also caused a decline in attendance for her weekly quiz and bingo nights, which always take place indoors. With the pub being as empty as the Marie Celeste on her last bingo night in particular, she decided she needed to host it outdoors where all her patrons wanted to be! With the beach being so close, she thought it would be a great idea to move all the outside tables and chairs down there for the evening, as everyone would still have easy access to her outdoor beer garden bar. What wouldn’t be so easy to access, would be the kitchen, so she knew she needed to think outside the box when it came to feeding her punters that night.

Cornwall - pork Ruby knew immediately how to resolve this issue-by hiring Hog Roast Newquay of course! She knew we were the only catering company in the area who could provide food that made our diners feel like they were in a top-notch restaurant, with the added advantage of being able to prepare it on the beach, so her customers could have the best of both worlds!

With Ruby in charge of calling the bingo numbers and Hog Roast Newquay in charge of the food, it wasn’t too long before the beach was bombarded with people eager to sample some of our delicious, locally sourced pork and have a bash at winning the jackpot! Ruby was really pleased to see not just the return of her bingo regulars, but also a lot of new faces, who couldn’t resist a bit of bingo on the beach and our freshly prepared, mouth-watering meat!

Everyone loved Ruby’s beach bingo so much she has decided to make it a regular thing until the weather takes a turn for the worse, and since Hog Roast Newquay definitely scored a full house in the food department, Ruby would like us to come back again to help her draw in the crowds for the August bank holiday weekend!