Hog Roast Carnkie – Catering For Kids Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

Hog Roast CarnkieKids: they can be a fussy bunch, can’t they? Their favourite dish one week could be their most hated the next, which, while perfectly normal, can make party planning a bit of a minefield for parents – and that’s probably putting it lightly!

Dealing with one child’s selective eating habits is tricky but manageable. But 20+ choosy eaters? Well, now that’s a whole different kettle of fish!

Catering to a room full of palates that change more often than a revolving door is certainly no easy feat, and as caterers, we have a lot of stressed-out parents who come to Hog Roast Carnkie in search of a meal plan that checks every box. The good news is, they never leave disappointed!

While we began as a hog roast-only service several decades ago, Hog Roast Carnkie has always been interested in catering to every set of taste buds. So, over the years, we have introduced a wealth of sumptuous recipes which enables us to accommodate every diet. From meat enthusiasts to vegetarians and vegans and even those with allergies, our talented chefs have worked hard to ensure that our menu options offer something for everyone and that no one feels left out when we’re in charge of cooking.

Hog Roast CarnkieWhen Rory and Angela found us ahead of their son Anthony’s 10th birthday, they heaved a huge sigh of relief. After hearing all about our kid-friendly options from our catering manager, Paul, they decided to place their faith in us and secure a booking for a custom menu plan.

The feast Hog Roast Carnkie prepared for the occasion consisted of our handmade gourmet hot dogs, BBQ 100% British beef burgers, chicken kebabs and grilled veggie and halloumi skewers with a variety of sides, including macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and mixed fries.

Our team served this tasty meal to birthday boy Anthony and his ravenous guests following three thrilling rounds of laser tag! Much to Rory and Angela’s relief, the kids seemed just as impressed with the food as they had the game, and they all polished off their plates before the birthday cake was served.