Hog Roast St Agnes caters for the masses

Hog Roast St AgnesOn average, Hog Roast St Agnes caters for 100 people each job, sometimes it’s under and sometimes it’s above. However, last week Hog Roast St Agnes catered for 800 people on an American army base. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of food! 

The reason to celebrate was no other than thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a national holiday for the United States of America and has been celebrated for centuries. It was in fact President Abraham Lincoln who officially declared that thanksgiving was to be celebrated annually in 1863. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest and the blessings of the past year. 

Hog Roast St Agnes served up their American-styled Southern Slow Roast, substituting their usual meats for traditional thanksgiving Turkey. Six hundred and forty-four of the army personnel dove in to three slowly roasted succulent meats. They enjoyed the traditional roasted turkey, the flavoursome Texan-BBQ shredded beef and the tangy Bourbon BBQ pulled pork. The 156 Vegetarians and vegans enjoyed a hearty nut-roast and stuffed butternut squash. 

Hog Roast St AgnesThe side dishes included corn cobettes smothered in a blanket of butter, this subsisted the usual cornbread or corn pudding traditionally eaten as part of the thanksgiving dinner, creamy potato salad topped with fresh chives which substituted the usual mash potatoes and hearty and dreamy Mac and cheese. So that the vegans did not have to miss out on the side dishes, Hog Roast St Agnes had made a potato salad and Mac and cheese with vegan mayonnaise and vegan cheese. 

For dessert, they had a choice of decadent sticky toffee pudding or light and sweet apple pie served with fresh cream. Both super hearty and incredibly indulgent, they were real crowd pleasers for this lot. 

The army personnel were completed pumped that they were able to celebrate thanksgiving with incredible tasty food and coming altogether in a time when they really miss their country and family. It may not have been their usual thanksgiving meal, but it was still a celebration with yummy food.