Winter birthday celebrations for Hog Roast Lelant

Hog Roast LelantDo you feel sorry for the those who have birthdays in November, December and January? Their birthdays get overshadowed by one birthday, Jesus’s birthday which is also known as Christmas. The talk of Christmas is everywhere, on TV, in the supermarkets, down the street. However, George was not getting overshadowed by Christmas, certainly not for his 30th. He was going to make it a milestone to remember and threw a crazy cool party with Hog Roast Lelant providing the super delish food, as part of his special celebrations. His main celebration was jetting off to Las Vegas with his fiancé and five best mates and all their partners – exciting! 

The party was being hosted at a holiday retreat home. It was the most beautiful, converted barn which hosted a massive event room with its own dance floor, bar, built in photo booth and DJ desk. Outside if you dare brave the cold air, there was a 20-person hot tub right next to the heated pool and outside bar/BBQ shack. It was an incredible set up. 

Hog Roast LelantHog Roast Lelant was set up on the left-hand side of the dance floor and served from 7pm. George’s guests enjoyed the theatrics of a whole roasted pig, the birthday boy had requested it to be served straight from the pig and that’s what he got. To accompany the delightful and scrumptious pork and stuffing roll, Hog Roast Lelant had nourish herb-buttered new potatoes and three freshly prepped salads. There was classic yet tasty mixed salad, creamy and crunchy homemade coleslaw and crowd pleaser tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad with fresh basil leaves. 

George had a three-tier cake themed around his babies, better known as Aston Martin DBS, Jaguar F-Type and Lamborghini. Hog Roast Lelant had the responsibility of cutting his cake onto rustic-styled trays for the guests to enjoy. 

George thanked Hog Roast Lelant for their splendid job, giving them a £50 tip each to show his appreciation of the delicious food and superb service.