3 Excellent Ways To Enjoy Outdoor Events With Hog Roast Mevagissey Catering

Hog Roast MevagisseyIt’s summer and that means outdoor events, and when you have outdoor events that means you need the right kind of dining that works to the environment you’re in. As a caterer for outdoor events for well over 20 years now, we at Hog Roast Mevagissey know just what is needed and suited to dining out in the sun, and so we have a couple of excellent ways to set up catering for your events this summer.

Here are 3 ways to bring the best of outdoor dining to your events this summer:

Alfresco Dining

When it comes to summer dining you know that the Italians are the right culinary specialists to be looking to. At Hog Roast Mevagissey we have our own alfresco menu that will go perfect for your outdoor events. For this menu we have Italian platters, fresh summer salads and sides, our classic roasts, and summery desserts perfect to cool your guests down on a warm summers’ day!

Hog Roast MevagisseyHog Roast Dining

We wouldn’t be Hog Roast Mevagissey if it weren’t for our classic hog roast, and though our roasting machines allow us to cook this traditional dish indoors or out, this is one culinary practice that is always best enjoyed out in the open air where you can get the full effect of the spit roasting spectacle.

Traditionally you would have seen a fire pit dug out for the pig and the spit to sit over, but thankfully with modern technology on our side we don’t have to take such measures anymore. We still do however provide the authentic spectacle that guests crave of the hog roast, and that comes with the authentic, deliciously charred, melt in your mouth tastes too!

Gourmet Barbecues

It’s a British summer, so of course we’re going to want to get the barbecue out! Ours at Hog Roast Mevagissey comes with a slight difference however in that all of our barbecued meats are gourmet made. Hog Roast Mevagissey sources the best locally reared meats and gets them to our highly skilled chefs fresh so that they can hand make everything you see before you on the grill. It’s the best of a classic British barbecue with our own high end quality on it!