Hog Roast Marazion Have Outdoor Catering Options For Any Occasion!

Hog Roast Marazion offer gourmet hog roasts and a multitude of other meaty delights for any occasion. The size and style of our menus can be adapted to suit the number of people we are catering for, the setting and the event. We can match our meaty main courses with any number of other sides and salads, as well as providing alternative dishes for different dietary requirements.

Our artisan hog roasts 

Our signature dish is a very welcome addition to any outdoor event. A succulent whole hog that has been spit roasted until it is falling off the bone is a huge crowd pleaser and a great way of feeding a lot of people. It also adds a sense of theatre to the outdoor dining experience as we prepare our hogs (and the rest of our food) in full view of your guests.

Our other meat choices 

If you would like a wider section of slow cooked meats, we have several delicious options to choose from. This includes beef, lamb, and turkey, in addition to whole roasted rotisserie style chickens. Our meats are served with all their trimmings for the ultimate roast dinner or as part of a more varied menu.

BBQ food

Hog Roast MarazionHog Roast Marazion can offer you a sizzling spread of gourmet burgers and sausages, ribs, chicken kebabs and more, served with your choice of sides, salads and sauces. All our BBQ food is served fresh from the grill and provides the perfect outdoor dining for family gatherings, summer staff parties and more.

Southern slow roast menu

A firm favourite with all the family, our Southern slow roast menu takes inspiration from the soul food of America’s Deep South. This includes Texan beef brisket and Louisiana sticky pork ribs for example, and all our meats are complemented by Southern- style sides and salads including mac n cheese, and Memphis style coleslaw, along with a selection of fiery, sweet and sticky sauces.

The meats across all our menu options are sourced from the best free range meat producers in the UK and cooked to perfection in your preferred style by our skilled Hog Roast Marazion chefs onsite. Please visit our menus page to find out more about the choice of delicious meats we have available!